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Ochy AI brings lab quality biomechanic analysis to your smartphone to evaluate running technique from anywhere, at anytime.

Analyse Technique from Anywhere

By recording a video on your smartphone, with our AI technology and biomechanics algorithm, we analyse the full body, and highlight the things they are doing good or bad.
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Let's improve your technique

No need to go to a lab or spend on expensive equipement


Running Analysis

With only a 5 second video, analyse your technique where it matters most, during training or competition


Compare & Share

Compare yourself with a professional or a friend and share results with who so ever you want (coach, doctor, friend etc)


Exercise plan

Know exactly what exercises you need to do each week in order to improve your running form

Know exactly what you need to work on to improve your form

Based on the results of the running analysis, the app provides a personalised exercise plan that will allow you to improve certain specific points. Thus help you to gradually improve your running efficiency.
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Giving the opportunity to everyone to become a better runner


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OCHY allowed our athletes to understand how important it was to know how to position themselves to run well and to correct all their flaws to avoid injury and perform well.

Loic Ochy testimonials
Loic Rapinel Running Coach, Pacé en Courant

"I was one of the very first to test the Ochy analysis which allowed me with a video interview to have information on my stride and see what could be corrected with also some muscle strengthening exercises.
A very good experience."

Jean-Luc testimonials
Jean-Luc Long distance runner

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Know yourself and know what you need to work on to imporve