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Perform biomechanic analysis quickly. no setup required

We provide detailed movement analysis that only requires a video to evaluate the technique of your patients.

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about your athletes

Within 1 minute, know all the key metrics and data about your patient’s technique so you can improve the outcome through data-informed decision-making.

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Lab-Quality Analysis

lab-quality analysis

Built on science and research, we provide a personalised analysis that takes into account the person’s height, weight, gender, and speed.

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Save money on setting up your movement analysis system

No need to spend money and buy expensive equipment / materials, just use your smartphone or a simple camera to take video for the analysis.

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medical pro - Save Money On Setting Up Your Movement Analysis System

What you get from ochy

Full-body Analysis icon

Full-body Analysis

Gait Analysis icon

Gait Analysis

Vertical Oscillation icon

Vertical Oscillation

Ground Contact Time icon

Ground Contact Time

Time Between Steps icon

Time Between Steps

Number of Steps / Minute icon

Number of Steps / Minute

Foot Strike icon

Foot Strike

Leg Cycle icon

Leg Cycle

Angles at each Body Joint icon

Angles at each Body Joint

Ochy for iOS and android

With just a smartphone video, perform biomechanic analysis from anywhere.
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