Ochy was present at CES 2023: the world's largest technology exhibition

The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas from January 5th to 8th and we are proud to have participated in this industry-leading technology event.

As a pioneering company in our sector, we had the opportunity through Bretagne Commerce International to showcase our commitment to innovation by presenting our technology and meeting with different industry players to discuss trends and future opportunities.

Our stand attracted the attention of many visitors due to its interactive demonstrations of our application and technology, which led to more than 1000 downloads during the CES period.

We also had the opportunity to showcase Ochy during 3 pitches. During two sport tech pitches organized by Global village and business France, and also for the "CTA foundation pitch" where we were selected among the 8 finalist startups.

Numerous actions that have aroused a lot of interest from potential partners and the media such as 20minutes, Usine Digitale, TV Rennes, BFM business, 7 jours, BPGO live, Radio France bleu armorique, RCF ....

These events motivate us to develop an even more accurate application and especially to make it accessible to all. 

Again, a big thank you to all those who allowed us to participate in CES 2023 and those who supported us from far and near during this event.

Here are some pictures of our time at CES

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