TOP 10 exercises to improve your running form

Need to strengthen but don't want to lock yourself in a gym? (And plus with this Covid period, everything is getting way more complicated). I understand you! And that's why I've concocted 10 possible exercises to do at home without weight training equipment. These exercises will allow you to work on the specific movements of the runner based on body mechanics, posture, coordination and proprioception.  

1: Proprioception exercices

This exercise will strengthen the ankle muscles, work the stabilizing muscles of the knees, stability and reflexes.

Instruction: Hold the position 15sec each leg. 15sec rest. 3 sets.


2: A-Skip and B-Skip

A basic exercise that helps develop leg placement while encouraging high knee placement (thus an efficient leg cycle) and promoting a foot break below the center of gravity.

Instruction: To be done on about 15 meters. Rest 1min. 3 sets for each exotic.

3: Speed skaters

Strengthen your legs and improve stability and balance. The strengthening part of this exercise is mainly focused on quads and buttocks.

Instruction: To be done during 1min. Rest 1min. 3 series.

4: Bird Dog

The bird dog is an exercise that improves stability, encourages a neutral position of the spine and relieves lower back pain. It strengthens the muscles of the trunk, hips and back.

Instruction: 10 total reps. Rest 1min. 3 sets.

5: ABC Running

The aim of this type of exercise is to strengthen the psoas, quadriceps, hamstrings and allows to work the whole abdominal belt. It will therefore play on stability and thus help the development of a good running form.

Instruction: To be done on about 30 meters. Rest 1min. 3 series

6: Side Shuffles

This exercise stimulates the muscles of the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors and buttocks, increasing coordination and agility for these difficult lateral movements.

Instruction: 10 total reps. Rest 1min. 3 sets.

7: Psoas

This exercise strengthens the hip flexor muscles and allows for a faster leg cycle. You can do the exercise in open chain (without elastic).

Instruction: 10 total reps. Rest 1min. 3 sets.

 8: Hamstring

A few exercises based on hamstring strengthening to improve stride efficiency and increase your strength on the ground at each support.

Instruction: 10 rehearsals. Rest 1min. 3 sets.

 9: Step-up

A step-up is a body resistance exercise that targets the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. It is a good general lower body conditioning exercise.

Instruction: 10 total reps. Rest 1min. 3 sets.

 10 : Walking lunges

Lunges can help increase range of motion by promoting flexibility and relaxing the abdominal belt and hip muscles. This can help improve posture and balance.

Instruction: 10 total reps. Rest 1min. 3 sets.

The goal is obviously not to do all the exercises on the same day but to do them at least once a week.

Depending on your level, you can add some difficulties. The exercises can be done with water bottles in terms of weight, elastics (or belt) in terms of resistance.