Get to know the cofounders of Ochy

Ochy was born from our wish, as former top athletes, to help runners acquire good running technique to reach their running objectives.Our mission is to empower coaches and health professionals to assist their athletes and patients in injury prevention and running technique improvement. We also aim to provide every runner with the tools to become an efficient and injury-free runner. To achieve this, we are developing a cutting-edge application that offers accessible running and gait analysis for all. ‍Our motto: become a better runner!

Ochy was present at CES 2023: the world's largest technology exhibition

We were so delighted to be present at CES 2023 to showcase our technology to the world

Easy way to make a first evaluation of your running form

Don't you think it's interesting to discover your "form" while running? Personally I think this is essential to improve on certain points. And for that, you don't even need to go to a lab.

Top 5 essentials to be a good runner

Being or becoming a good long-distance runner is not just about spending your life in running shoes, swallowing miles and miles head down. The results are there when you adopt an intelligent lifestyle! 5 things are essential to put in place to get the best results during training outings or on a starting line.

Heel strike, good or bad?

Until a little while ago, whenever I saw an athlete running with a heel strike, I couldn't help but call out to him and encourage him to change the way he puts his foot on the ground. But in the end, is this really necessary for every runner?


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TOP 10 exercises to improve your running form

Need to strengthen but don't want to lock yourself in a gym? We understand you! And that's why I've concocted 10 possible exercises to do at home without weight training equipment. These exercises will allow you to work on the specific movements of the runner based on body mechanics, posture, coordination and proprioception.

How do you treat shin splints?

If you can't take three strides without pain along your shin, if you can't put pressure on it, or if there is a burning sensation and pain when you lift your foot to the sky, you are probably suffering from what is called shin splints.

Running pain
The number 1 running error

Running is fun! But often we can encounter small problems such as pain, injuries, not progressing as wanted.... This can be due to a variety of factors including eating and drinking before running, poor warm-up and stretching, unsuitable clothing.

Abdominal muscles: essential muscles in running

We don't always think about it, but abs are essential muscles in running. How and why? Straight and oblique muscles allow us to maintain an ideal posture and avoid tilting the upper body forward when we start to get tired.